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A superb set of six tablespoons by Benjamin McKenny Riggs, who worked in Paris, Kentucky, 1825-1839. A coin silver ladle by Clark & Hinton, Paris, KY, circa 1855. An eight inch fork by S.S. Cutler & Co., circa 1850. A 7 1/2 inch sauce ladle, Robert Frazer.
A large tablespoon by Stephen D. Choate A seven inch ladle with nice curved handle, circa 1860, Daniel M Williams, Winchester, Tennessee. A sterling silver table spoon by Herman A Rohs, Cynthiana Kentucky, circa 1870-80 Teaspoon with the additional Paris Ky mark, William M. Hinton
A large serving spoon by Garner & Winchester A large tablespoon, 8 1/2 inches,William M. Hinton Coin silver teaspoon, 5
1/2 inches, Wm. & Archibald Cooper A 7 1/4 inch sauce or gravy ladle by Gowdey & Peabody
A 5 1/2 inch coin silver shovel, Joseph S. Gilpin A five inch sugar shovel by Samuel Bell, Knoxville, Tennessee, circa 1830. A 7 1/2 inch coin silver dessert spoon, circa 1810, Robert Frazer, Paris and Lexington Kentucky. Gowdey & Peabody, Nashville Tennessee
Nice heavy tablespoon,8 3/4 inches. Nice tablespoon from Rudolph Albert, Maysville, Kentucky Large nine-inch tablespoon by Thomas Gowdey. 7 1/2 inch fruit spoon by Worham P. Loomis.
A fine 7 1/2 inch ladle by Asa Blanchard, Lexington, KY, circa 1825-30. A set of four coin silver forks by Joshua Flowers, Nashville, TN, circa 1850. A fine coin silver spoon from the shop of Benjamin F. Meek, Frankfort, about 1850 An unusually large coin silver ladle by Alonzo C. Hallack, a silversmith working in Paris, Kentucky, beginning in the early 1840s and into the early 1850s.
An eight inch coin silver ladle by Thomas Phillips, Paris, Kentucky, working there as early as 1795. A heavy, 12 1/2 inch ladle by Andrew G. Medley, Louisville, Kentucky, circa 
1845. A 8 1/2 inch coin silver tablespoon by Alpheus W. Bascom, Maysville, Kentucky, 1830s until his death in 1845. A 4 3/4 inch coin silver condiment or master salt spoon by Antoine Dumesnil, Lexington, Kentucky, 1812-1833.
An impressive pair of coin silver goblets by F. H. Clark & Co., Memphis, Tennessee. A large and decorative 13 5/8 inch coin silver ladle by Joseph Werne. An eight inch coin silver ladle by Thomas Phillips, Paris, Kentucky, working there as early as 1795.
Hiatt, Noble W.& Lucy F.;  The Silversmiths of Kentucky, 1785-1850. Of The Best Quality, An Exhibition of Table Silver and Related Items By Silversmiths of Kentucky Country and River Towns from Central and Northeastern Kentucky 1790-1900.

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