The McNally Counterfeit Coin Detector, produced circa 1880. A scale type device used to determine the genuineness of gold and silver coins of the late 19th century. Actually most U.S. silver coins made before 1965 can be checked by this interesting little gadget. I have seen only one other for sale and it was not as nice as this example, nor did it have the original tin container as this one does.

The piece has slots for all the U.S. gold coins is use around 1880, including the one, two and one-half, three, five, ten and twenty dollar gold, as well as the silver quarter, half, and dollar coins. To test the coin it was placed in the appropriate slot, and the scale would balance if the weight, size and thickness was correct.

A portion of the original label remains on the wooden base of the detector and I have tried to show its detail in one of the photos; difficult because it is quite dark. In the container, the piece is about nine and one-eight inches. I suppose a nice item for an advanced coin collector or dealer and a great piece of Americana. Very few of these have survived.