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Old South Silver is the website of Jerome Redfearn, specialist in antique silver from the south and mid-west.

This site is obviously a commercial venture, but with a chatty, folksy side, offering interesting information on southern and mid-western silversmiths from my research.
I have been buying and selling interesting and rare silver items since 1971, and have helped build important collections of southern silver for museums as well as many private collections.
I have been asked to appraise many collections of early silver, and have written and lectured frequently on various aspects of early silver. This site is the culmination of more than thirty years of collecting, dealing in, and writing on my favorite subject.
Hopefully this website will be helpful to collectors, as we rediscover some of those long lost silversmiths and related tradesmen of the south and mid-west.
Thank you for visiting this website.

Jerome Refearn